This week it has been my privilege to be a part of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Jackson's Missions Conference.  This is a special church to me not only because I have many friends there (including the pastor), but also because it was actually started (10 years ago) out of my home church, Liberty Baptist.  My church's founding pastor, Dr Anderson, has been the speaker for the conference and it is always a blessing to see his heart for missions showing through everything he says.
Last night, the Lord allowed me to witness one of those special blessings that can only come from His Hand.  At the close of the service, a young lady came forward to tell the church that she believes the Lord has called her into His service and she has surrendered to that call!  She is just a little older than I was when the Lord did the same thing in my life.
What a privilege to see the Lord at work in a person's heart and to see them respond to His leading!!  I can't express how excited I am for this wonderful young lady - I ask you to commit to pray for her as she continues to seek the Lord in her life and obey what He leads her to do.
Please keep praying for me as I travel (two trips to South Carolina in the next eight days, then another trip to just below the SC State Line the following Saturday) that the Lord would keep me safe on the roads and would help me to be an encouragement and help to the churches I visit.  Pray also that God would help me use my time wisely as I try to keep up with working and making deputation phone calls and packing to move all at the same time!
We serve a great God Who is able to do great things - what a blessing that He chooses to use people like you and me to do His work!!

Ann Shuford
10/23/2010 06:36:20 am

May God continue to direct your steps and encourage your heart!

Roger Prillhart
10/25/2010 10:53:17 am

We will be praying for you Charlotte! Our prayer is that you are safe and in the Lord's will, which is the safest place to be. God bless! Roger & Donna


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