Hello again everyone!! I just sent out my Prayer Update Letter by email so those of you who get both my letters and blog by email should have them both today!  Those of you who would like to get my blog, letters, or both by email please sign up by clicking here and completing the form!  I need your prayers and it really is an encouragement to see so many people on my mailing list and especially to see when you open the emails I send!  (Yes, I can see if or when you open the emails I sent - don't you just love technology ;-) The real value of that to me is if I add a church to the email list and then see that they aren't opening the emails I send I can call them to be sure that I have the right address!)
I just wanted to give a quick update on the VBS at Calvary Baptist last week (I was their "VBS Missionary" and also had the privilege of teaching one of the classes): The pastor told me Sunday that he expected around 30-35 kids the first night and maybe around 60 by the end of the week.  We were all so excited when 60 kids came on Monday!!  There were even some kids who came just because their parents saw one of the church's buses in their neighborhood on Sunday and called to ask about VBS!  The kids were encouraged to bring friends so our numbers kept climbing throughout the week and we had a high of (I think) 86 on Thursday (32 of them were in the Junior class that I taught!) with over 100 kids coming at least once during the week and at least 150 kids and parents at the family night on Friday!
The highlight of the week for me was seeing the kids listening and responding to the Bible time each night!  One girl accepted Christ on Tuesday and got so excited that she brought five friends with her, learned all the memory verses and ended up winning the points competition and being "VBS Champion" for the week!!
I titled this post "VBS and other happenings" because there have been several exciting events this week including the chance to talk to a friend of mine in England who said that their church is in need of help and it looks like this might be the open door that I've been waiting for!!  Please pray much with me that God would continue to show me the next step that He has for me and that I would stay open to His leading all along the way!  I really feel like it is important for me to stay flexible and open, but I would very much like to have a more definite direction to aim towards as I continue to contact churches and try to raise support.  I also think that being able to tell churches more specifically who I will be working with and what I plan to do will help me to not only get more meetings but hopefully get support as well.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!!  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends praying for me!!

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