This week marks one year since the Lord confirmed His leading in my life for me to be a Missionary to the United Kingdom!  Last year, my home Church's Missions Conference started on September 30.  I had already been praying specifically about Missions and the UK since the previous year (and actually even before that) when I was invited to participate in a BIMI Missions Trip to England and Wales July-August 2009.  That trip was a special time, but it wasn't until Friday evening (Oct. 2) of the Conference that God gave me a definite peace that He wanted me to serve Him in the UK.
This year has been full of amazing blessings and opportunities that the Lord has provided in my life.  I think the most amazing thing to me has been to see what a ministry "Deputation" can be!  As I travel from state to state and church to church seeking support, the Lord has allowed me numerous opportunities to share the Gospel and encourage people that I probably would never have seen otherwise!  I know I am just getting started, but it has been amazing to me to see all the ways that the Lord is preparing and "growing" me and teaching me to trust Him more and be watching and ready for those opportunities that He gives me each day to do something for Him.
I have been reminded again this week of a truth that the Lord has used in my life for the last several years: The Mission Field is not a far off place I will reach some day - it is right here, right now, all around me wherever I am each moment of every day.  If I am not serving the Lord now in my "comfort zone", how can I expect to do anything for Him when I travel hundreds of miles away from home to a different country?  I am still learning and growing, but I thank the Lord every day for His leading in my life for each day as well as for future years!
I truly pray that God will continue to open doors and provide opportunities for me to serve Him day by day at home, in my community, in the areas that I travel through and to, and in the place that He has prepared for me on the Mission Field.  I appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement for me as I continue on deputation - this is going to be a wonderfully busy fall and I can't wait to see what God has in store!!  What a blessing to be used by God!!

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