The Lord continues to bless as I seek to raise support to reach the UK.  This month I have had several great meetings and made many new friends.
This month has also been a busy one because of my move out of my apartment into my parents' house.  Praise the Lord I was able to get everything moved last Monday and now I'm trying to get unpacked and organized!  A big thank you also goes out to the many friends who helped me pack, load, move and unload!!  This move should help me to be able to focus more time (and money) into being "full-time" on deputation as soon as possible.  Since my apartment rent recently went up by $200 each month, I knew it was time to do something else and the Lord worked it out so that my parents could move back to Georgia and I could move back to their house.
Another important answered prayer involved a phone call I received last week that seemed at first to be either some sort of scam or possibly even identity theft to the tune of $20,000!!!!  Praise the Lord it was all just a mistake and the whole thing was straightened out within a few hours!
Praise the Lord once more for His continual protection and provision!!!
December is a hard month to schedule missions meetings but God provided two meetings for me next month as well as several more meetings during the early months of 2011.  I pray that the remaining open dates will be filled soon and that I will begin receiving the support that churches have promised.
I would ask you to pray for the upcoming Christmas Concert for my music students.  This concert provides an opportunity to share not only the Christmas Story but also the Gospel with my students and their families as well as the residents and workers at the Assisted Living home where we will be preforming.  Please pray that God will use this opportunity to reach hearts!!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I pray that each of you will have a wonderful Holiday season and a New Year full of the blessings of our Great God!

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