This time of year always brings back a lot of memories for me - it was August 1-10 of 2002 when I first visited the UK and God started to work in my heart about the possibility of serving Him there, then in August of 2009, God allowed me to visit the UK again and He used that trip to confirm His leading in my life to return to the UK as a missionary.  Now as I think about the UK, I begin to think of it more and more as the home I miss and long to return to.  God has planted my heart there, and I eagerly await the day that I can call it home.
I know that wherever God places me, He has a purpose for me there and I rejoice in each chance He gives me to glimpse the work that He is doing all around me.  This morning I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a man who is a Jehovah's Witness.  While he did not believe that what I told him was truth, I appreciate that he at least did listen and I personally believe that the Power of the Holy Spirit was at work.  Please pray that God will work in his heart to draw him to Himself.  Please pray for me also, that God would continue to use me for His glory.

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