Today was my first day of meetings on the "Deputation Trail" and this morning as I arrived at Faith Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA, God reminded me that Deputation and being a Missionary are only accomplished by FAITH!!  What a great start to Deputation to "Begin in Faith!"
A missionary friend of mine (Jimmy Watson, who was my sixth grade Sunday School teacher before God called him to Mexico) told me last week that "It gets better after the first two meetings."  Honestly, I don't think I could stand it being any better than it was today!!!  God's presence was so real and I could feel the prayers of His people holding me up!!  Pastor James Wall (we graduated from Atlanta Baptist College together and two of his three kids are students there now) told me that he would give me "a few minutes" in Sunday School and again in the morning service - He basically gave me the whole Sunday School hour to share my testimony, show my video (which I just finished last night), and have Q&A.  He preached an excellent sermon in the morning service out of I John 4 and Isaiah 53, reminding us that God's love is an active love, and that His love in us should shine through us to those around us for the saving of souls and the encouragement of the Saints.
This evening was just as much of a blessing as I went to Berean Baptist Church in Ellenwood, GA.  Pastor Roger Davis taught at Atlanta Baptist College for three of the semesters that I was in school and it was a blessing to get to see him and his Church again.  The church voted "on the spot" to take me on for support!  I got to play my violin and a young girl drew a picture of me playing and wrote a note on the back that she is praying for me!  That tresure is definitely going in my scrapbook :-)
Next week I have three meetings in North Carolina: Tabernacle Baptist and New Hope Baptist in Salisbury and then Tri-City Baptist in Forest City (I attended Tri-City for six months while I was at Ambassador Baptist College in 2004), and I can't wait to see what God is going to do next!!
~ Thank you Lord for the privilege to serve you!!  May you work mightily in my life to draw me ever closer to yourself and help me lift you up in everything that I do so that you can draw all men to yourself by your love shining through me. Amen. ~

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