The last few days of 2010 are slipping by and 2011 is just around the corner.  Like most people, this time of year causes me to think back on what has happened in the last twelve months and think ahead to the year to come.  My reflections and anticipation are so filled with wonder at all the things that God has done and is doing in my life!!
What a privilege it is to think back to souls I have seen come to Christ in salvation, baptism and surrender to service!!  What a joy to recall lessons shared and decisions made, and what glory to think of how God will continue to work in my life and in the lives of others in the coming year!!
I trust that each of you reading this have taken time to honor the Saviour whose birth is celebrated at Christmas time, but I hope that you have also reflected upon the depths of mercy that called you out from before your birth to bring glory to that Saviour who gave you life!!
I often take time to pray for people that I know and even those I've never met, for churches that I've visited and those I've never heard of, for pastors and missionaries I've talked with and those I may never see...  The prayer for each has a common thread: that each of you would be drawn closer to the Saviour and strengthened to do His will.
I know that many of you have spent much time in prayer for me and I am humbled by and grateful for that.  As I enter the new year, I know that I will need those prayers more than ever!!  I am already in the transition to full-time deputation and I can feel how much your prayers are supporting me as I lean ever closer on the Lord's provision and care.  What a wonderful place to be!!
Thank you for your prayers and support!  May God continue to bless you as we "strive together for the faith of the gospel" (Phil 1:27)
Dr. C.F. Eyecare
12/28/2010 05:26:41

Whoo Hooooo!!!

Ann Shuford
1/1/2011 03:54:15

As you have prayed, may God also continue to strengthen you to do His will. And in 2011, may you see great and mighty things as His perfect timing and and His perfect plan is revealed and realized!

Dorothy Mathews
1/16/2011 05:23:50

I love you, sweetie! For some reason this got "buried" and I found it today. So exciting to read how the Lord is leading you along the road to the field of service He has called you to. You are in my prayers and you are loved!! (Mom)


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