Do you believe that the world can really be reached with the Gospel?? I DO!

If you start with just one Christian who commits to find one person to lead to the Lord, then disciple and train that person to go out and do the same thing and then both of you do the same thing over and over, the Gospel continues to multiply at such a rate that if each person just reached one other person a year the total could climb to 8,589,934,592 in just 34 years!! That is well over the current global population of around 6.9 billion - actually, that is the estimated global population for 2025!

Here is my challenge to you: Will you commit to the Lord that you will, with His help, share the Gospel faithfully and seek to bring at least one person to Christ each year? If one million Christians did this we could reach over eight billion people by the year 2025!!!!!

When Christ told us to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE" He knew it COULD be done - within a single generation!!!

Dororthy Mathews

Charlotte, This is such an inspiring reminder of what can be done if we just obey God!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if people get inspired and just DO IT!! Each one reach one....very do-able!

Much love, Mom <><


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