Hello everyone, I just wanted to send out a quick prayer request.
Just over two weeks from now, on May 31, I plan to leave for the UK for the summer. Because of the particular ministries that I plan to work with, I need a Visa as a Temporary Migrant Volunteer Religious Worker. The application process was fairly straight forward and the time frame for processing should be sufficient, but as my departure date approaches I am asking for added prayers in the process.
Please pray much that my visa will be reviewed in the next day or two, that if there are any mistakes in my paperwork they will be overlooked or forgiven and that everything will be approved and in the mail to me in plenty of time for the trip!!
God is in control and I trust Him and His timing, yet "we have not because we ask not" so let's pray in faith!
I will post an update when I have any more news :)
Ann Shuford
5/18/2012 02:07:48

so exciting!!! may God grant His marvelous favor in all the details, supply your every need, strengthen your spirit, and confirm His call.


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